History of McCourt Construction

Ryan McCourt McCourt Construction - A Tradition of Achievement

Since its founding in 1893, McCourt Construction has been recognized as a leader in the construction industry. It all began this same year, when John McCourt, an Irish Immigrant, decided to leave his job as a foreman at Boston Gas to launch a business of his own as a utility contractor. Over the course of four generations, that company quickly transformed into a comprehensive General Contractor, specializing in nearly all areas and facets of the civil and heavy construction industry. 

Ryan McCourt McCourt Construction - History

Ryan McCourt is very proud of the success his family has created with McCourt Construction and is passionate about continuing the tradition.

Ryan McCourt McCourt Construction - Timeline through History

The 1870s

John McCourt emigrates from County Tyrone, Ireland to the United States where he finds work with the Boston Gas company in Boston, Massachusetts.


John McCourt leaves his job at Boston Gas and launches his own small utility contracting company called "The John McCourt Company".


Upon the death of John McCourt, his wife Sabrina helps maintain and run day-to-day operations, becoming one of the first women to operate a construction company in the U.S.

The 1920s

McCourt Construction continues keeping the business in the family as the second generation takes charge under the lead of John and Sabrina's sons Tom, Francis, and John Jr.

The 1930s
McCourt Construction begins to diversify as it opens an asphalt plant in Lechmere Square in Cambridge.

The 1940s

Because of WWII, the company once again expands to include airport work which included building runways in the areas of New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

The 1950s

Upon returning from WWII, the cousins of McCourt Frank and Jack become the third generation to take the reins at McCourt Construction.


McCourt enters its fourth generation as a family owned and operated company when Frank's son Richard joins the team full time after earning his degree at Boston College.

The 1980s

McCourt begins to receive national recognition being one of the largest coaxial cable installers in the country. Their unique technique for cable installation became widely known within the industry as McCourt Boston Integral (MBI).

The 1990s

McCourt Construction gains international success as it launches a joint venture in England and builds the first independent television station in Grenada. 


Massport names McCourt Construction "Contractor of the Year"


2006 marks the 60th consecutive year that McCourt Construction has worked with Logan International Airport, continuing the tradition of building or rebuilding every taxiway and runway at the airport.


McCourt Construction is honored as "Contractor of the Year" for the sixth time in the seven years the award has been in existence. 


McCourt Construction celebrates 120 years of continued history and success!

Ryan McCourt McCourt Construction